Attic Conversions Space Storage Ideas

Also known as a loft or a garret or a sky parlor, an attic is usually, an awkwardly shaped space between the top floor of a building or house and the slanted roof with exposed rafters and difficult to access areas or corners. These spaces are sometimes left unattended, or used to junk unwanted stuff, or mostly converted into bedrooms, guest rooms or office space, with well-furnished windows and staircases. Here is some information on converting the attic space in your home into your personal storage space.Find more information at attic conversions dublin website

Loft or attic spaces can be converted into roof window or dormer conversions. Roof window conversions are more attractive to homeowners, as it fits into the roof without much effort and does not need any restructuring of the roof itself. This type of conversion helps the loft or attic space with substantial light and sometimes it does not require planning permission per the building regulation approvals in most countries. One could gather more information or ideas on the internet, in case of planning or restructuring your attic space for storage. The dormer conversion, on the other hand, is a window featured extension of the roof, along with improved staircase access, installed to give you more space and headroom within the loft or attic space. This type of conversion needs preapproval from the local authorities in most countries as they are most popular due to the aesthetic enhancements to your property. Other conversions include the less common ones such as ‘hip to gable’ and ‘mansard’ conversions that can be installed in case of certain circumstances.

Enhancing your existing property as in case of a dormer conversion requires pre-approvals from the building regulation authorities to ensure necessary construction criteria are met and that all the health and safety laws, among other requirements, are satisfied. A professional loft or attic conversion specialist will conduct all liaisons with relevant local authorities.

Loft or attic conversions bring numerous benefits to homeowners, which defines their existing popularity. 30% of a property’s potential space is located in the attic or loft area. Hence converting the attic or loft space will provide you with significant storage space be it in the form of a bedroom, bathroom, office, entertainment space or just a play space for your kids. This conversion will bring about a significant amount of money to the value of your property. A professional loft/attic conversion may vary property values by approximately 20%.